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  Basic Types of Meditation There are two very popular forms of meditation, described below. • concentrative meditation – focuses on breathing. People who do yoga and practice meditation regularly believe that the way we breathe mirrors our physical well-being. Quick, short and uneven breathing is a reflection of a harried, stressed lifestyle. Deliberate, long and deep breathing means our minds are focused and calm. • mindfulness meditation – involves developing awareness of our feelings, emotions, sentiments, images and thoughts without necessarily thinking about them. We just allow them to pass through our senses, the way water flows through a stream or brook. Under these two broad categories fall different types of meditation. Here are just a few of them:  simple meditation (sitting quietly in a room with no distractions, choosing a word or mantra like “love” “peace” and saying it over and over again, as we breathe deeply and slowly)  walking meditation (concentrating on our feet firmly pressed to the ground, a good way to relieve stress because it involves the act of walking and not thinking of anything else)  transcendental meditation (using a mantra that you”re not supposed to divulge to anyone, you devote about 20 minutes once or twice a day repeating the mantra only. This is supposed to connect you to the “oneness” of the universe.
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